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Lychee Black (Li Zhi Hong) 荔枝紅茶

Lychee Black (Li Zhi Hong) 荔枝紅茶

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Place of Origin
Guangdong Province, China

Leaf Style
Blend of large black leaves

Rich, robust, lychee fruits

Deep, fruity and sweet

Dark copper

Brew two to five minutes infusions at about 212°F. Drink plain or with milk and/ or sweetener.

Health benefits
Lowering blood fat level and blood sugar; Anti-oxidizing & anti-aging; Helping weight loss; Warming stomach; Improving blood vessel function

Black tea - loose-leaf with lychee flavor

Black Tea can be stored for long periods and improves with age. Caffeine levels diminish naturally over time. Black Tea is best kept in a cool , dry place in an airtight container. Away from sunlight and strong odors.

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