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Chinese New Year Deluxe Tea Collection - Set A

Chinese New Year Deluxe Tea Collection - Set A

$59.90 USD

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An ideal Chinese New Year gift for friends and family. It includes 2 of our popular teas (100g each) and 10 mini tea packs (8g each) for sharing with the beloved one.

The following are the teas included:

Standard pack
Oolong Tea  : Four Seasons Oolong (Tie Guan Yin / Iron Goddess)
Floral Tea     : Dragon Ball Jasmine (Higher-grade Jasmine Pearls)

Mini pack
White Tea   :  1) Silver Needle
                      2) White Peony Supreme (Bai Mudan)
Green Tea   :  3) Shifeng Dragon Well Supreme (Long Jing)
Oolong Tea :  4) Light Oolong - Fragrance
                      5) Ginseng Oolong
                      6) Anxi Cinnamon
                      7) Best Narcissus (Shui Hsien / Water Sprite / Water Fairy)
Puerh Tea    : 8) Palace Puerh (Puerh Mini Tuocha)
Floral Tea    :  9) Rose Puerh
                     10) Stone Orchid Luk On

A small gift basket, elegant ribbons, a plastics wrap and a Chinese knot are included. Both the big and mini tea bags itself are hot-sealed individually to preserve the freshness and original flavor of the teas.

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