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Globe Amaranth (Wan Nian Hong / Qian Ri Hong) 千日紅

Globe Amaranth (Wan Nian Hong / Qian Ri Hong) 千日紅

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Place of Origin
Yunnan Province or Fujian Province, China

Leaf Style
A bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around dried flowers.

Mellow, sweet, flowery

Floral, elegant

Bright, reddish

Brew two to five minutes infusions at about 212°F. Drink plain.

Health benefits
Lowering blood fat level and blood sugar; Anti-oxidizing & anti-aging; Relieving stress & anxiety; Improving dental health; Brightening skin; Relieving cough, shortness of breath and enhance vision.

Green tea - loose-leaf tea and Amaranth flowers

Floral Tea is best kept in a cool , dry place in an airtight container. Away from sunlight and strong odors.

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