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Jasmine Pearls (Dragon Ball Jasmine) 香片龍珠

Jasmine Pearls (Dragon Ball Jasmine) 香片龍珠

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My Sunday Tea's fragrant Jasmine Pearls Tea is scented with aroma from the fresh jasmine blossoms. The Chinese green tea leaves is used as the tea base to make the wonderful flavour of Jasmine tea subtly sweet and highly fragrant.

Each pearl is blended with unopened night-blooming jasmine flowers, carefully dried and then rolled by hand to create the beautiful pearls. As the jasmine flowers dried out and the flowers open, they release their aroma into the tea and deeply scent the tea with their fragrance.

It is the most widely spread scented Chinese tea in China and in the West.

Health benefits
Lowering blood fat level and blood sugar; Anti-oxidizing & anti-aging; Relieving stress & anxiety; Improving dental health; Brightening skin; Improving digestion and skins

Green tea - loose-leaf tea and Jasmine flowers

Floral Tea is best kept in a cool , dry place in an airtight container. Away from sunlight and strong odors.

Place of Origin
Fuijian Province, China

Leaf Style
 Tip of the tea leaves, mixed with Jasmine flowers, then rolled into balls.

Mellow, sweet, Jasmine fragrance, sweet aftertaste.

Clean, Floral

Bright yellow

Brew two to five minutes infusions at about 212°F. Drink plain.

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