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Four Seasons Oolong (Tie Guan Yin / Iron Goddess) 鐵觀音

Four Seasons Oolong (Tie Guan Yin / Iron Goddess) 鐵觀音

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Place of Origin
Anxi, Fujian Province, China

Leaf Style
Big, strong and broad leaves; rolled into tight glistening balls

Fruit, flowery, sweet after-taste

Light, fresh, clean, gentle flavor


Brew one to three minutes infusions at about 203°F. Drink plain.

Health benefits
Lowering blood fat level and blood sugar; Anti-oxidizing & anti-aging; Relieving stress & anxiety; Improving dental health; Cleaning and refreshing body; Helping weight loss

100% oolong tea - loose-leaf tea

Wuyi rock tea (e.g. Big Red Robe, Water Golden Turtle, Narcissus, Lao Chung Shui Hsien, etc.) can be stored for long periods and improves with age. Oolong Tea is best kept in a cool , dry place in an airtight container.

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