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About Tea

The practice of drinking tea has a long story beginning in China 5000 years ago, filled with living art, attitude of lifestyle, love and friendship, adventure, cultural change, knowledge and experiences, and passion of the future. Every day, millions of people worldwide begin their morning with a great cup of hot tea relying on the relaxing and soothing nature of tea.

As long as people open their heart and appreciate the cup sincerely, they can enjoy the many pleasures of tea.

Every sip is a Sunday.

All tea leaves are plucked from the same species of an evergreen plant named Camellia sinensis. This tea plant has dark green, glossy and serrated leaves and are grown from one of the three primary origin-specific bushes – China bush, Assam (India) bush, and Java bush.

The differences between the seemingly endless varieties of tea is depending on the ways of processing the freshly-plucked tea leaves. Whereas, the external factors of production as well as the traditional and cultural matters combine to create the great teas of the world.

Oolong Tea
Green Tea - Non-fermented tea (0%)

White Tea - Light fermented tea (about 8-15%)

Oolong Tea - Semi-
fermented tea (about 15-80%)

Black Tea - Fully-fermented tea (about 100%)

Puerh Tea - Post-
fermented tea*

 Floral Tea - According to types of teas and flowers used


*Sheng / Raw / Green Puerh — no controlled oxidation, minimal spontaneous oxidation may occur
 Shou / Ripe / Black Puerh — controlled oxidation is integral to accelerate the aging process

Every sip is a unique one.

Tea the now is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world, exceeded only by water. 茶(chá) is the Chinese character created to represent Chinese tea.  China, among all countries in the world, has the largest variety and production of tea.