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Tea Flavor

Teas have a board range of flavors and aroma depend different compounds on the tea leaves and the type of manufacturing processes. The following table shows the teas categorized by their major flavors and aromas:

Flavor & Aroma Type of Tea
Earthy Puerh Tea: i) Yunnan Aged Puerh, ii) Yunna Palace Aged Puerh, iii) Aged Liu An, iv) Palace Puerh
Flowery Oolong Tea: i) Four Seasons Oolong, ii) Light Oolong - Fragrance, iii) Ginseng Oolong,
                    iv) Anxi Cinnamon, v) Lao Chung Shui Hsien, vi) Wuyi Water Golden Turtle
Black Tea:    i) Lychee Black, ii) Keemun Black, iii) Fukien Black
Floral Tea:    i) Osmanthus Oolong, ii) Osmanthus Pearls , iii) Jasmine Pearls,
                    iv) Dragon Ball Jasmine, v) Globe Amaranth, vi) Jasmine, vii) Super Fine Jasmine
Flowery, Earthy Oolong Tea: i) Best Narcissus
Floral Tea:    i) Supreme Luk On, ii) Stone Orchid Luk On
Flowery, Fruity White Tea:    i) Silver Needle
Green Tea:    i) Green Spiral
Oolong Tea:  i) Phoenix Select
Flowery, Nutty White Tea:     i) White Peony, ii) King White Peony, iii) White Peony Supreme
Fruity Black Tea:     i) Jinjunmei
Nutty Green Tea:    i) Shifeng Dragon Well, ii) Shifeng Special Dragon Well,
                     iii) Shifeng Dragon Well Supreme
Smoky Oolong Tea:  i) Roasted Oolong - Baked, ii) Monkey Picked Oolong, iii) Wuyi Big Red Robe,
                     iv) Wuyi Cassia