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Testimonials for My Sunday Tea

By Dalai Teas - 28 Feb 2016

"Zhengyan Da Hong Pao - Very few teas are of my liking at the first brew and I'm happy to say this is one of them! It presents itself with a very powerful fragrance reminiscent of flowers, brown sugar and toasted cereals. Then it becomes really interesting releasing notes of bourbon, smoked oak and what we all seek in a real Wuyi: that beautiful rocky taste."

"Mang Fei Mountain 2014 Raw Puerh - This is an interesting variety; it is quite strong and it takes some time to tame it, but at the end the leaves revealed to be something quite exciting. The first cups reminds of algae, green vegetables and fermented soy, then it starts to show spicy notes of white pepper and home made stew. It brings to the body the comfortness of being taken care of with love."
"King White Peony - The aromas of this tea are quite fresh, they remind of morning dew, freshly picked green grass, the smell of the mist coming down from the mountain, at the same time it has very interesting notes of peonies, roses and osmanthus, it is like walking into a garden full of flowers. I find the aromas and tastes of this tea very well balanced."

By Heather Erny - 22 Feb 2016

“Oh I enjoyed your tea. I even started drinking more tea and less coffee. I enjoy it more now.”

By Joann Hunter - 10 Dec 2015

“… I am enjoying it very much. Tea all the way from China. Squeeeel! Jasmine pearls, very smooth, the taste just rolls of the tongue.”

“… You teas are quality teas. I will recommend them to my family and friends.”

By Ellie Grace - Dec 2015

“…I knew I would love the taste already when I smelled the dry leaves. The dry leaves have such a wonderful fruity aroma. Making a very smooth, soul healing cup.”