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Chrysanthemum Puerh 菊普

Chrysanthemum Puerh 菊普

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Chrysanthemum Puerh tea is a blend of the Yunnan originated Puerh and the young unopened buds of Chrysanthemum flowers. The light sweet floral note from the Chrysanthemum buds combined with the earthy richness flavor of Puerh creating a unique flavor on top of the traditional Puerh tea. The young unopened buds of chrysanthemum flowers have a refreshingly sweeter taste, pleasant aroma and more concentrated taste compared with the common chrysanthemum flowers.

Puerh teas originated thousands of years ago in the Yunnan Province, China, where large-leaf tea trees grow. Puerh gets its name for the town from which it was originally sold to other countries. The health benefits of Puerh includes reducing diabetes, reducing risk of stroke, heart disease and cancer. It also has the ability to break up fats and it is especially effective at aiding digestion after heavy meals.

Place of Origin

Fujian Province, China

Leaf Style
Board leaves, mixed with Chrysanthemum buds

Mellow, earthy, slightly sweet, floral and Chrysanthemum fragrance

Floral, aged woody

Reddish brown

Brew two to five minutes infusions at about 212°F. Drink plain.

Health benefits
Lowering blood fat level and blood sugar; Anti-oxidizing & anti-aging; Helping weight loss; Warming stomach; Improving digestion; Relieving stress & anxiety; Treating respiratory problems; Improving vision; Cooling of body heat

Puerh tea - loose-leaf tea and Chrysanthemum buds

Floral Tea is best kept in a cool , dry place in an airtight container. Away from sunlight and strong odors.

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