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Christmas Combo Tea Collection

Christmas Combo Tea Collection

$34.90 USD

FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for Christmas Collection Orders before 1 December 2015.

An ideal Christmas gift for friends and family. An assortment of 12 mini tea packs (8g each), including White, Green, Oolong, Black, Puerh and Floral teas.

The following are the teas included:

White Tea   : 1) King White Peony
Green Tea   : 2) Shifeng Dragon Well (Long Jing)
Oolong Tea : 3) Light Oolong - Fragrance
                     4) Four Seasons Oolong (Tie Guan Yin / Iron Goddess)
                     5) Best Narcissus (Shui Hsien / Water Sprite / Water Fairy) 
Black Tea    : 6) Rose Black
                     7) Lychee Black (Li Zhi Hong)
Puerh Tea    : 8) Yunnan Aged Puerh
Floral Tea     : 9) Jasmine
                     10) Supreme Luk On
                     11) Osmanthus Oolong
                     12) Jasmine Pearls (Dragon Ball Jasmine) 

A small gift basket, a snowman, a plastics wrap and a gift card are included. Each tea bag is wrapped with a plastic bag and a ribbon, plus the tea bag itself is hot-sealed individually to preserve the freshness and original flavor of the teas.


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