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Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift

$115.00 USD

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A unique and personalized gift for brides and grooms to give their guests by which to remember the delighted occasion and to express heartfelt thanks for sharing in their special day. A cup of hot tea not only warm and relax a body but also create happiness and joy for your friends and families as in your wedding moment.

Gift Box Dimensions:         92mm X 72mm X 70mm
Gift Box Color:                   Tiffany Blue
Minimum Order:                 50 pcs

Inside the gift box, it includes 2 tailored packs of our popular teas* (8g each). The gift box is wrapped with transparent plastic sheet, small flowers (same color as the gift box) and ribbon (same color as the gift box). A tailored message note will be attached. (refer to the photos)

*Choice of Teas (choose any two types of tea) :
White Tea:     King White Peony /  White Peony
Green Tea:    Shifeng Dragon Well
Oolong Tea:  Best Narcissus /  Four Seasons Oolong /  Light Oolong - Fragrance
Black Tea:     Fukien Black /  Lychee Black / Rose Black
Puerh Tea:     Yunnan Aged Puerh /  Yunnan Palace Aged Puerh
Floral Tea:     Jasmine /  Osmanthus Oolong /  Rose Puerh /  Supreme Luk On

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